Local Video Marketing Secrets Revealed!

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Have you ever tried doing local video marketing for other people and get paid for it?

Word on the street is that it’s an incredible opportunity right now, and I have just the thing to help you get setup with it…

Next week, I am running a brand new YouTube LIVE Event where I will interview James Wedmore and his buddy Brandon Lucero on how they’ve successfully setup a lucrative local video marketing business.

I will send more details soon, but for now, please book the following date in your calendar:

Date: Wednesday, April 8
Time: 7pm EDT (USA)

Check your local time here:

Ok, it’s going to ROCK! Another YouTube LIVE Event where you can watch us, and interact with everyone on the call.


Gideon Shalwick

PS: Please make sure you book Wednesday, April 8, 7pm EDT (USA) right now in your calendar. I will send more information about the event soon…


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Sometimes I use music from incompetech. Here is their licence:

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Ozah Bright says:

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HoCo Business says:

I highly recommend this course for local video marketing.

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Todd Gross says:

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Theodore Lewis says:

Theo From San Bernaardino,Ca.We want to have a video made that lets people get educated about the best water and why thy should learn more.

JHORGE D'O says:

This video looks and sounds great. What kind of microphone (model & type) did you use for this video?

Best Local Businesses In says:

I love how this video gave a great high level overview of the process of video marketing. I really appreciate the down-to-earth non-cocky presentation of the material. I agree that the whole process could be a bit overwhelming especially when you're first starting out. One thing that I recommend for beginners is to find mentors like these gentlemen that teach what they practice as this could save a lot of wasted time and money. Great job you guys!

Samer Azocar says:

Hi my name is Samer Azocar, founder of idiomas con proposito, I'm from Venezuela…thanks for the video so helpful

Local Business Video Agency says:

Great video and it certainly makes you realise how improtant video marketing is!

Mike Fox (SplashDesignworks) says:

Whoa. I know Andy Ryan personally. so cool. How do I get into the "program"?

Viddy Find says:

Great stuff, can this work in the UK?

Pauline Karlwatman says:

Hi im Pauline – Entrepreneur student at the university of the south pacific :)

anthonynvideos says:

Pls answer this question which you have not answered it in the video at time frame about 1 hour and 40 sec. The question was as follows: " How often would you update your SEO on each video. What is the specific decision criteria to do seo from time to time.

Mohammad Raihan Uddin says:

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STEP Martial Arts says:

Thank you very much for this! Helped me learn a lot of things about this topic. More power!

Joey Rocket Films says:

So glad I stumbled on this video, it really opened my eyes to things I've been slacking on.
(I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING A SITE LIKE VIDIQ WITH YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT BTW) it helps find out what rank your keywords are getting and a bunch more.

Who ever is watching, pay close attention and dive deeper down this rabbit hole. These guys know their stuff.

As far as youtube video seo and ranking a video goes I took a lot of this advice and applied it and now I'm ranking way better! Night and day. I'm competing with vids with hundreds of thousands of views and in one case I'm even ranking better than the companies of some of the products I post about.

I feel the transcript things is legit but for those of you that are trying to rank well you have to understand that just like a fighter needs to be well rounded, so does your seo. Uploading is just the start. Do the extra work and it pays off. Something I also started using is Pingler to help get the vid out there in the search engines better. So far so good. Thanks for sharing this knowledge fellas! Here's one of my well ranked videos – Search Victory Octane and the first vid is my company's youtube page video.

Văn Lớn Lê says:

I am Lớn. I am from Việt Nam

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