10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan

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What you need to know when crafting an effective social strategy for your startup. Read more at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228324

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BrandYouTV ireland says:

enjoyed the video.

Mindsaw says:

great video, very effective! For more help on social media marketing head over to my channel for some informative videos!

Fikriye Güney says:

while social media is being created,we careful something .this is usefull to us or people will use for what purpose from this point this video is so informative

500 Startups says:

real interesting
tell me more
can you give more examples?
what should be the #1 take away from this vid?

Marketing Digest says:

This is well worth the watch! Thanks for sharing!

Your Firm Everywhere Now says:

Thank you for this very helpful video about creating a social media plan.

Brendan Mace says:

I've seen a few people trying this!

Paul Sales says:

Great key points! When setting up social media plan, we should prioritize why we set up that campaign.

Rachel Green says:

Thanks a good brief overview.

Swift Media Creatives says:

I really enjoyed watching this video and I learned a lot! 

Blair Smith says:

Nicely done presentation on social media marketing planning. If these 10 questions are clearly answered then you're on your way.

RedStickSEO.com says:

Very good questions to ask indeed. If you can ask yourself these questions and be able to provide adequate answers, your social media strategy will have a higher chance of being successful. Great video, I learned a lot!

How To Outsource says:

When creating and setting up social strategy or marketing plan. you must first ask these basic questions It can help and serve as a guide as you go through more complicated process of executing good social media results.

Gantsu Kurono says:

Which program do u use to create those videos? They look excellent combined with the content! 

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