Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

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If you’re just getting started with Facebook marketing, tune into this video for some quick tips. Also Facebook marketing expert Andrea Vahl (AKA Grandma Mary) shares a tip as well!

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Yasir Sarwar says:

Thank you Andera

Jaiden Rockstarr says:

Haha funny video 😂😜 great info

swagmandub_SlcApex says:

2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

MariahGlenn says:

I didn't think you could join facebook groups with your page. I thought you could only do that with your personal facebook?

Blake Sherman says:

Quick and easy to understand. Love it!!!!!

Izmee Che Ismail says:

Thanks Amy.

Wang Milanda says:

Thanks, i use the best facebook marketing tool.

Isak Rizell says:

Hi! Thank you for the video. What were some challenges that made you struggle in the beginning? Best! Isak

Fulin Wu says:

can u teach me how to do marketing?

Fretzy en BetaTv says:

I'm gonna use pictures of your beautiful face to launch a female beauty products marketing campaign

Edward Saltzberg says:

Nice job. Concise and useful.

clan monsters wifi karbala says:

l love you soooooo 😍😍

Anik Bhuiyan says:

nothing usefull

Phillip Ward says:

Great Video, Lots a good content

THE BEAT by Allen Parr says:

Great video! What camera gear do you use for the quality? Camera and lens? Trying to improve a video quality. Thank you!

Phillip Ward says:

Good Video, Facebook  has changed so much over the last year.

Areg Avagyan says:

bullshit video

Geoff Surtees says:

great tips, very concise and very accurate …. great for any fb marketer at any level …

TS Platforms says:

You can leverage Facebook Lead Ads. You have to do it the right way or your account could be banned. Watch this video first –

Safar Yacoub says:

Great video! I make similar videos, looked for inspiration and found yours. Keep the videos coming :)

Rick Rexrode says:

I guess yall waiten fur me ta do sumpn ieght?

Danny Danny says:

Amy is a Glowing Ghost Today 😛

Still pretty though <3

ritathinkspink says:


Andrés Durán says:

Hi Amy, great series to kick off the year with. =) Thanks x 1000. I've noticed that my organic reach has decreased significantly on Facebook. To the point that my linked posts from Instagram do much better. Any clues whats up with that? Are they pushing IG more than FB itself? I feel that if my posts are not at least boosted its not even worth it.


chumbo 21 says:

luv the hair 😍

Shane J. McEntee says:

I disagree. Adding an image directly to your post (if the post is trying to link somewhere) is a bad idea. People will click your image and not your link. Add a link and allow it to create an image link automatically using an image from your site. THEN replace that image with a better image that is 1200 X 628. Otherwise you'll have a nice image that gets lots of clicks and a link that nobody clicks on.

Norm Dabalos says:

Always awesome content, Amy! Looking forward to a new year of Savvy Sexy Social. "Startup Monday"? Just a thought. :)

Danielle Trudeau Studios says:

I just started following your channel and so far I am loving your work! Can't wait for the rest of this series!

Tom Reilly says:

I like Buffer! I can post pins from pintrest directly to my facebook page.
People on facebook love pins. My best engagement.

MelodyMusica24 says:

Hey Amy, this is great thanks! Question for you. Would you advise against sharing on Facebook from Instagram? Is there a downside to that? Thanks so much! :)

Sue says:

I am just getting to grips with on-site SEO, I was
surprised by how it was so in-depth-glad I found some good blogs to guide me
Shared on Reddit, they would find this interesting!

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