How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business | #AskMichael 2

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In this video I am discussing a question by one of my followers. Her question is:

“How to get clients to manage their social media. Maybe talk about your experience and the steps you took to set up a social media agency? I ask this because Tai Lopez is doing a few video on this.”

So basically she wanted to know how to start a social media marketing business and how to get people to buy her services.

It’s a pretty complicated question since there are so many factors to consider. You skills, the way you set things up, how to get
traffic etc.

Hope you enjoyed this video on how to start a social media marketing business! If you liked the video please give it a like and be sure to subscribe to my channel.


Carl Willis says:

Great video,your video is helping the social media marketing lovers and all ideas are very good that are helps,how we start social marketing business.Thanks for sharing.

Matej Slivar says:

thats my goal in life

Chris Jackson says:

Thanks for this content!

Tech Master says:

How to promote affiliate products on our blog correctly to succeed

Joe Silkwood says:

I advise u buy Tai Lopez program u will make billions. not everyone but u will… u got some blind spots right now tho

Jayziah Villa says:

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahm#if this is all you heard

atef hmem Atef says:

what is the skills i need to learn for Start A Social Media Marketing Business

Miguel Teixeira says:

I have question , I'm about to start my media marketing agency and I read tax book and just curious about it. like how much prior time to pay taxes for the 4 times a year and since I'm self employed do I fill out w-2 as well. if anyone knows and is willing to phone talk I'd appreciate it

Stray Films says:

Shouldwe start by btuing tai lopez's Program?

Ethan R says:

Mhm. I have Marketprenuer Group, a social media marketing startup and currently have one client. But trying to get additional clientele seems impossible. Anyone else having this issue?

Mario Ortega says:

So I just bought this consulting program from Gillant Dill. I still haven't found my niche but social media is something that is trending. Seriously just by contacting clients and handling their facebook or instagram pages would get me paid.

Quentin Wiley says:

in other words he presents himself as an expert to help us and hes not lmao

Amos Kim says:

Hey man it would be great if we can talk about a few things. I'm going to be managing a small businesses social media and I want to start but I have a few questions. Get back to me!

Kaiokenkrillen says:

do ask these questions on a reddit page or in the comments

Gersten Korn says:

wow that was some nice info!

HolySmokes says:

how much do you make with your agency?

Cathode Ray Bube says:

isn't it hard to manage that many clients?

geil0mat says:

hey Michael. Any chance you could do some consulting for me?? I am in the process of starting my business and I need some help urgently! Would pay as much as you want!

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